Welcome to Locavorium

Welcome to Locavorium

An introduction for new arrivals to the region


Translated by William, a lost Englishman welcomed into the team in 2021.



I) The Concept


Here at Locavorium we aim to make local products of quality accessible to all in a way that is fair to the producer and beneficial to you the consumer.


The Locavorium Promise:

100% of our producers are based less than 150km from the point of sale.

Our products are fresh and sold in season. They are produced ethically and sustainably following our strict code of conduct (validated by committee).





II) The Origin & Quality Charter:


Going further than just “better”


Locavorium uses a very strict code of conduct in order to select the products sold in store. This code is based around both farming methods and location of production.


We aim to provide a platform that is both supportive and trustworthy for producers and customers alike. This means a sustainable production for the producers, a sustained choice of seasonal products all year round, and promoting farming methods that are sustainable for the planet. Locavorium aims to provide a genuine alternative to the classic models of distribution.
















1) Local Origin


  • Products harvested, raised and prepared less than 150km away
  • Products made from ingredients grown in the area
  • Reduced carbon footprint as products have less distance to travel
  • Products ordered in real time to meet demand and reduce waste/storage


2) Quality and Taste


  • Seasonal produce harvested just before sale
  • Products tested and approved by the various teams within Locavorium
  • Regular visits to production sites
  • Respect of animal well-being
  • Respect of European health standards
  • Respect of traditional farming methods



3) A Fair Process


Producers paid better


A simplified distribution process to reduce costs to the consumer





III) We make it easy to eat healthily, locally and ethically


1) Local Origin:


Locavorium follows a “locavore” philosophy. A carnivore only eats meat. A “loca-vore” only eats local produce. This means only selecting products from farms within a 150km radius of our shops. Today we have over 250 producers that work with us, bringing their fresh and seasonal products direct to the shops.


By shopping in our stores, you are guaranteed fresh, locally produced fruit, vegetables, cheese and meats. This also applies to our pre-prepared products such as honey, jams, oils etc.


2) Quality and Taste:


For us, quality means first and foremost taste. To eat well is to eat products that taste as nature intended. At Locavorium, our teams taste products before they are selected for sale, and use the results of the tasting to form the criteria for quality control checks. Produce is sold when in season and harvested at the point of maturity. We won’t sell you tomatoes in January, nor strawberries for Christmas. We respect the natural cycle across the year, based on what can be grown in the local climate.


Further quality checks are enforced on visits to producers and the selection of products with products certified Label Bio, AOC, AOP, IGP, agro-écologie, NP lutte intégrée, permaculture, etc. Each of these certifications requires strict adhesion to production methods and standards.


3) A Fair Process:


Locavorium offers a farm to fork distribution model, cutting out the middle man. We are the only intermediary between you and the producer. The products are thus easier to track and they arrive here directly from the farm. This way of operating means that we can pay the producer fairly and offer you a lower price at the same time, all the while reducing the distance travelled by the products.